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My fee is $140 per visit. 

The first visit will last 60 minutes. All follow up visits are 50 minutes, unless other arrangements are made, and the fee will be adjusted accordingly.

Payment is expected at the time services are rendered, and cash, personal check, or Zelle is accepted as payment. If planning to pay with Zelle or Bank Transfer, please note that cellular service can be unreliable in my office -please plan ahead. A detailed statement will be provided upon request, if needed, for your records or reimbursement purposes. 

I do accept credit cards as a form of payment for your convenience. If you choose to pay by credit card, the fee will be adjusted to $145 to defray the cost of offering this convenience.


Clients are expected to pay me directly and submit claims to insurance companies as appropriate. Currently, I am not a network provider for any insurance companies, including Medicare. Some insurance companies (not Medicare) provide coverage for “Out of Network Physical Therapy”, usually at a percentage of billed services. It is the client’s responsibility to check with their insurance company to see if any of the treatment will be covered and the process for receiving benefits. Please be advised that even if your insurance carrier states that they cover Out of Network Physical Therapy, it is not a guarantee that they will deem this treatment necessary and may reject your claims after the fact.  In addition, the records that I keep are for my clinical purposes only and may not meet the standards for reimbursement by an insurance company.


I would appreciate significant notice in the event that a session needs to be cancelled. Notice of less than twenty-four (24) hours will mean that half payment is due for the session, and notice of less than four (4) hours or “no show” will require full payment for the missed session. Insurance cannot be billed for missed sessions, so this payment will be the client’s sole responsibility.


All information discussed, as well as all physical findings and treatments performed, during sessions is confidential unless I have written permission from a client stating otherwise. This includes medical history and any other personal information you may share with me during our sessions. One exception to this is that I am a mandated reporter by law for any situations of suspected/alleged child or elder abuse.

I have consultants with whom I may discuss my work. No identifying information is given about my clients during this consultation.


My voice mail is on 24 hours a day and I am the only one who picks up messages. I try to return calls as soon as I get them, however evening and weekend calls, including calls received after 2pm will be returned the next business day. I do not charge for phone call consultation, though it is my expectation that calls will be brief.

Thank you – please let me know if you have any questions regarding these policies.

Revised: February 2, 2023

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